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  • Tekken -

    Replied to the thread Votes/Donates.

    tW7Pfab.pngsOvMaab.png I think now you find the shop :D :D
  • buccimane -

    Posted the thread Votes/Donates.

    Hello! Im a new player here at SOF and im am looking for a CS and/or vote shop. ?( I haven't seen where i can vote or somewhere I can spend the donation points I wish to buy! Before I donate id like to make sure I can spend them somewhere! Thank you :D :D
  • Tekken -

    Posted the thread Patch Notes 1.8.

    General: - Guildbuffs/Onlinebuffs revised - Hipster Glasses added - Dragon Sets, Masks, Cloaks Effects changed - needed Guild Exp decreased (Lvl 50-60) - Spawn in nowhere fixed - increased Drop of Basilisk - simplified Lord Donate - several CS Sets…