Official Serverstart

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    • Official Serverstart

      Hello Guys,

      today is the day. We did a wipe because of Dupes and too fast reaching of different targets. Now we can initiate the official serverstart.

      Furthermore, we would like to give you the information about the beta present. You can get this by writing to an admin. Each beta player receives this gift only 1x times. No matter how many accounts/characters he had. If someone tries to trick us, we will punish the player. We will decide what this punishment will look like on a case-by-case basis. To avoid this, we ask you to be straight!

      Logically, players from our open beta get their donation points back. Please write via the website a ticket with the following information: Account ID, Donation Amount, Donation Method (PP / PSC).

      And now there is only one thing left to say.
      Have fun playing :)

      Best Regards
      Your SoF-Staff