My first batch of suggestions

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    • My first batch of suggestions

      These are the first few suggestions I find reasonable and that, to me at least, would make sense to implement:
      1. Collecting can feel very rewarding at first, until you start to stack Buff Food in the thousands and there's nothing to be done with those since you realistically can never use them all. Collector Manager Collins solves a few of these problems, and my suggestion would be: Why not expand on it? Things like Sugar Boost could get an upgrade you get by trading 15 in: Sugar Rush -> +10% HP. Or the FLY FOR FUN buffs, you could trade 15 of each in for FLYFF -> +300 Attack + 250 Def +10% Reflect Damage. Or as a last example: 15 Bronze Charm becomes Silver Charm -> PvE Damage +5% All stat +5.
      2. This is just a little QoL change but some things like Remantis Lacotte you get from collecting cannot stack with Remantis Lacotte you get from Fantasy Boxes. Same goes with Protect scrolls you get from Fantasy boxes and those you get from other sources. It would easily free up 10 of my inventory spaces and would make it feel a lot less clunkier.
      3. I haven't done Behemoth yet, but if the description in the teleporter is to be believed, you can loot a weapon AND a token that, after a few runs, would guarantee you a weapon if you were unlucky. My suggestion: apply that to Red Meteor and other bosses that have a ridiculously big loot pool. Red Meteor can loot 72 set pieces and 10 weapons if I'm not mistaken. You need some heavy luck or a lot of time to complete sets, so why not add a guaranteed Meteor Token, that always loots but cannot be looted more than once pro kill. Add a tab at the Behemoth Exchange NPC where you can trade 15 Meteor tokens for a piece of your choice. And maybe apply this system to other bosses that have such a big loot pool.
      4. I'm playing a Blade, and after a lot farming, I finally managed to get the champion accessory set coupled with a bloody set and 2 Vampire axes. The thing is, I do not have a single awakening that gives crit and no stated point in DEX, yet I'm sitting at 120% crit with standard buffs. Logical choice would be to swap one axe for another that does not give crit, but the only one that fills that criteria is the Fantasy Axe, which is the very endgame weapon. My suggestion for this would be: Change the stats of the Hernesum Axe to give +12% attack +30% crit damage +10% HP instead of +12% attack + 30% crit damage +20% crit. If would give Blades a transition axe until they can afford the Fantasy axe (if they even want to spend 100k red chips on their Blade) without wasting one third of the bonuses of one weapon.

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