Hello guys

    • Hi guys, I'm Makarov, though you'll see me in game mostly as Viperian, I player during the beta, and really fell in love with how Tekken is doing this server. I stopped playing before the wipe because I play another game, that I am competitive in and my group hit it hard from Jan till now. (We finished 12th place in the season out of over 7000 teams.)

      I have been playing Flyff since v6 official. By v15 I felt it was too much of a cash grab and decided to look into private servers where the community is smaller, but are taken care of by the Dev team, and not treated as a wallet.

      I was born in 84, so yeah, old dude here.

      I've ran my own private server for a time, more for experimenting and learning how to implement new quest lines and custom maps, so it was only open to a few people for feedback.

      I look forward to getting to know the people here and have fun playing together. :thumbup: