Patch Notes 1.2

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    • Patch Notes 1.2

      - added Range Pickup for items (especially for questitems & redchips)
      - chance to get a new rarity level decreased
      - client lag fixed, when you have activated a buff pet

      - price changes on some npc´s
      - green weapons,shilds & sets from lvl 75 to 105 removed
      - [Event Token] Jeff prices increased

      - Green weapons, sets and shilds now dropable on Azria with a bit luck to get it with a rarity level
      - Desmodon, Cursed Desmodon, Red Meteor drops increased
      - Scroll of Rarity added to the drops from Rangda

      - Lord Set effects changed to 10%HP, 10%ICD, 10%ATK, 20%Speed
      - Statted dragon fashion effects nerfed (cloak, mask, set)
      - jewellery effects generally changed